Tax Return Accountants in London

Self-assessment tax return is a significantly time-consuming and challenging procedure. Every year, many people who pay taxes get in trouble with HMRC, which mainly happens because:

  • They don’t send in documents on time.
  • They make mistakes while filling out the forms.
  • They don’t keep their paperwork organised.

At Jungle Tax, we have expert tax return accountants in London to assess, analyse, and extrapolate your accounting records, producing tax documents that adhere to UK laws and regulations.

We will lead the way through the complicated taxes, enhance savings and improve your financial condition. Our team provides customised services and top strategies to deal with financial issues.

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    Tax Return Accountants in London

    Who Needs to Send a Self-Assessment Return?

    Every person in the UK needs to send a tax return for a financial year, which is:

    • A self-employed person with gross pay of more than £1000/month.
    • A business partner in a partnership company.
    • An executor of the deceased’s estate.
    • A company’s CEO not paying taxes under PAYE.

    Benefits of Hiring an Expert

    Hiring experts for self-assessment accountants for tax returns has numerous benefits.

    Optimised Time: Experts who can manage your finances quickly and effectively can save you much time.

    Cost-Effective: Investing in an accountant can pay off through savings and improvements in financial efficiency in the long term compared to the initial cost.

    Increased Tax Benefits: A well-qualified accountant can increase tax benefits, claim deductions, and keep you updated on tax laws for possible savings.

    In-House Expert: A good expert can be a valuable asset to the team by providing rare insights and most accurate projections for your business growth.

    Safety: Hiring an accountant gives security through expertise in data privacy laws and specialised accounting software.

    Advice on Decisions: An accountant supports financial planning and management and helps in wise decision-making and efficient money tracking.

    Removes Risks: Business owners need expert advice on financial risks like debt vs. equity financing, debt management, interest rates, currency risks, and wise investments.

    Our Self-Assessment Tax Return Procedure

    We ensure you are registered properly with the tax authority (HMRC).

    We evaluate your tax liability, fill out the forms and send them as your representative.

    We talk to your bank or financial advisor to get the correct information for your tax form.

    We make sure you know when you have to pay tax.

    We also help you with tax-reducing strategies.

    We ensure you don’t miss any important filing deadlines.

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    Whether you are looking for customised tax planning or optimising your tax position, we can help you achieve your tax goals while keeping with the tax laws and regulations. Get expert services of tax return accountants in London, ensuring compliance and financial success.

    The services we provide:

    • Year-end accounts
    • Bookkeeping
    • Payroll and pension
    • VAT return
    • R&D tax claim
    • SEIS & EIS
    • Tax investigation
    • Corporation tax
    • Tax planning
    • Film tax relief
    • Xero


    Accounting services include a spectrum of tasks, ranging from internal functions such as transaction entry, account settling and financial statement preparation to tasks like tax return preparation and conducting audits.

    By recommending process enhancements, managing financial and tax responsibilities and introducing efficient solutions for time and cost savings, our accountancy services in Merton help oversee various aspects of your business.

    HMRC typically mandates the retention of accounting records for six years following the last financial year relevant to the company.