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Tax Investigation

Tax investigation is an unpleasant surprise for everyone. Tax is a very complex world, and staying up to date with it is crucial; otherwise, you will fall into problems. Remember, HMRC is a powerful authority and can start a tax investigation into your business without giving you any particular reason. This means no one is safe from tax investigation, and you need to hire a legal advisor as soon as possible.

Jungle Tax is your partner, providing the best service for tax investigation in London. We will handle all the interactions and make the investigation process manageable with HMRC on your behalf. We specialise in resolving tax investigation, disclosure, and HMRC disputes with businesses in the most efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner.

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    Services We Provide to Cope with Tax Investigation

    Tax Health Check: We keep an eye on the health of your financial records and tax filings to make sure they are fully accurate and align with the rules.

    Risk Assessment: Jungle Tax will assess your financial condition and highlight the points that can trigger a tax investigation.

    Documentation: We review your financial documentation to make sure that everything stays smooth and properly organised.

    Proactive Tax Planning: We have experts who can help you apply legal tax-saving strategies to reduce tax liability.

    Representation: At the time of investigation, Jungle Tax can represent you and cooperate with HMRC on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected.

    Tax Investigation in London

    Why Would You Need an Accountant for This?

    Handle Investigations

    HMRC has the authority to execute income tax investigations, which means they can start inquiries without any reason. A tax accountant will handle all the hustle, including documentation, reports, etc.

    Save your Image

    The company’s image has to be sustained by all means; if a tax investigation is started, it will stain your reputation. However, with a proactive approach, you can save your reputation.

    Get Financial Safety

    At the time of investigation, all your records are under observation, so hiring tax investigation accountants helps you understand if any precaution is needed during an investigation or before it.

    Reduce Stress

    Tax investigations can be very time-consuming and can exhaust you emotionally. Hiring an accountant can help you reduce the stress connected with inquiry.

    Let Us Handle Your Real Estate Finance

    If you’re looking for a property tax advisor in London, look no further than Jungle Tax, a company with a dedicated team of accountants. Contact us right now to discuss your requirements for real estate accountants in London.

    Other Services We Provide

    • Payroll and pension
    • R&D tax claim
    • SEIS & EIS
    • Corporation tax enquiries
    • Film tax relief
    • Xero

    Jungle Tax – Achieve Your Tax Goals

    Whether you are an individual seeking personalised tax specialists or a business looking to effectively handle your tax investigation, we have an experienced team to help you achieve your tax goals while ensuring compliance with the ever-evolving tax laws and regulations.

    Hire Jungle Tax and get the best services of tax investigation London has to offer.


    It is a consumption tax imposed on goods and services for added value during their production and distribution stages. Ultimately, the consumer pays this indirect tax, which is collected by the businesses and remitted to the tax authorities. Therefore, it is one of the key sources of government revenue.

    HMRC picks a random company or individual as a target, even if you are sure you did nothing. Their goal will be to collect more tax in any case.

    A judgment against you can lead to six months in jail or a fine of up to £5,000. The maximum sentence for income tax in the UK is seven years in prison or an unlimited fine.

    Tax investigation is mainly triggered on suspicion of fraud or intentional default of the taxpayer regarding the opposition of tax. You will need to hire our tax investigation specialists to help you get through this episode.