Accountants for Journalists

Being busy with your reporting, media talks, and investigations, one day, you are summoned by the HMRC to appear and face an inquiry for the violation of tax regulations. It would be a shock. And while bearing the inquiry hassles, you may even get penalised.

Hiring professional accountants can be a practical outlet in such a condition. They will present you in tax audits and keep a close eye on your tax filings, saving you from any mess.

Jungle Tax is a trusted platform for professional accountants to assist journalists with their industry experience and knowledge. With a command of accounting, tax filing, and auditing, our accountants regulate your taxes, boost your profits and save you from legal penalties. Hire our skilled accountancy services for journalists in London and be content about your tax affairs.

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    Stay Compliant and Enhance Your Profits

    Hiring our accountants can benefit you in several ways:

    Accurate and Timely Tax Filing: One of the key advantages of hiring accountants is that they are knowledgeable about tax calculations, can efficiently file complete applications with accurate figures, and pursue accordingly.

    Legal Compliance: Accountants for writers proceed with the whole tax-paying process as per the law. This portrays you as a responsible citizen, saving you from legal inquiries and penalties.

    Save Valuable Time: Working with our accountants saves you quality time as they prepare your files, taking on the whole process, and represent you in tax audits. Hence, they save you time to focus on your professional growth.

    Reduce Your Tax Liability: Tax accountants are smart in benefitting from tax relaxations, and by using careful approaches, they minimise your tax liabilities and enhance your revenue.

    Provide Key Information: Journalists have to compile reports on finance and the economy, and accountants can help grasp the complicated terms of taxes and the economy and expertly handle accounting for journalists, enabling them to make accurate and detailed reports for their talks.

    Ultimate Peace of Mind: Accountants for journalists handle every tax matter on their behalf, keeping their clients away from the hassle of tax procedures. This gives you a feeling of mental calmness to work on other important activities.

    Accountants for Journalists
    Accountants for Journalists

    Tailored Services at One Call

    At Jungle Tax, we are very concerned with client satisfaction and pursuing this motto; for this, we provide tailored services. Whether you need help with tax calculations, tax filing process, report compilation, auditing or dealing with legal inquiries, we are here to assist you in every manner. Hire our professional accountants for journalists and benefit the way you prefer.

    How We Stand Out

     Jungle Tax is a name of trusted services, professionalism and convenience.

    24/7 Operations

    We remain open around the clock to hear from our journalist clients. You can reach us on weekends and bank holidays as well.

    Free Quotes

    Our accountants for authors and journalists give free quotes so that clients can discuss their concerns in detail and find practical solutions.

    Quick Turnaround Time

    By always remaining vigilant, we eliminate your hassle of waiting and give quick solutions to your queries.

    Transparent Pricing

    Our charges are clear and affordable without any hidden costs to ensure your ease.

    Foster Your Business Growth with Jungle Tax

    As a busy professional journalist, hand over your tax matters to our dedicated staff. We remain vigilant to keep your matters transparent in the eye of the law, enabling you to flourish without hassle. Through personalised services, we calculate your taxes, provide you with effective tax-reducing strategies, and complete the entire tax-paying process smoothly. Rest assured of our certified services and thrive in your career with peace of mind.


    The deadline is January 31 for journalists to pay their previous year's taxes.

    The easiest way to register with HMRC is to register as a self-employed journalist once your annual income (not profit) exceeds £1,000 during a tax year.

    Accountants calculate your annual income, file taxes, provide you with strategies to reduce your tax liabilities and keep you compliant with tax regulations.

    On average, accountants charge between £25 and £35 per hour; however, it is an estimated price. For a clear idea, consult with our professionals.