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Accountants for Creative Industries

Creatives are the individuals or companies providing services to assist clients in effectively delivering their messages. All businesses, including the creative, must prepare accounts and file tax returns. Thus, they require expert accountant for creative industries assistance for regular bookkeeping, payroll, VAT support, and more.

Nurturing Creativity, Taming Finances – Your Gateway to Uninterrupted Artistry!

The accountants for creative industries deal with all the tricky aspects that might keep you awake at night, providing peace of mind and allowing you to perform at your best. In this way, they help you focus on those creative tasks which are exciting and inspiring for you

Jungle Tax is recognised for its specialised and expert accountants for creative industries. We have vast experience working with ambitious businesses. Our approach is to make things clear and calm for you to do your work best, ensuring your creative spark remains enabled.

Why you should hire professional accountants for the creative industries

Hiring a professional accountant ensures your long-term success right from the beginning. We come with the following advantages:

  • We make utmost efforts to lay solid foundations that fit your purpose.
  • We provide complete support and encouragement by collaborating with you to help your business grow.
  • We ensure you effectively manage the changes required at various stages of growth.
  • We carefully analyse the requirements and effectively deal with your funding issues by specifying how much finances you need to achieve your ultimate goals.
  • We help you unpick what is not working for your business, setting you on a fresh path with more energy and clearer goals.

Yeah, For Creative, we starts with C & ends on E


Accounting services that make your dream advertising reality – we combine creativity and commerce.


Solid financial foundations are as strong as your architectural masterpieces and every blueprint paving the way to success.

Art and Antiques Market

The smart money to be made on every masterpiece in the complex and sophisticated domain of art and antiques.


Make your business strategy unique as your handmade creation and interlace it with business success.


Creative financial solutions are unique and contemporary to your design proposals.

Designer Fashion

Customizing financial sophistication to blend with your designer clothes elegance.

Film and Video

Tell a perfect financial story about your screen, and ensure your film and video productions are successful even off-screen.

Interactive Leisure Software

Playing to win in the interactive leisure software field – where innovation pays.


Writing symphonies of financial stability for the music industry, orchestrating assets and creativity.

Performing Arts

The financial success of the performing arts industry puts your talent under the spotlight with solid financial support.


The smart money to be made on every masterpiece in the complex and sophisticated domain of art and antiques.

Software and Computer Games

Coding for riches: programming financial success for software and computer game innovators.

Television and Radio

Television and Radio, tuning your financial strategy for high ratings and revenues. Broadcasting financial wisdom.

No Stage of Business Is Difficult to Handle for Us

Start-Up Businesses

Building a start-up business is exciting yet scary. But we provide the proper support from the beginning to make your journey unique. We ensure that our clients’ businesses achieve outstanding results from the start.

Established Businesses

We help make things better for your established business, elevating it by making a positive difference. To help you achieve your goals, we make sure what you do each day takes you towards your goals.

Early-Stage Growth Businesses

We can save your business from getting it wrong early on if it has just shot out of the starting blocks. We maximize your potential to reach for the stars with every step you take by helping you avoid the pitfalls.

Accelerating and Scaling Businesses

Offering you all the required support, we help you scale your business. We also provide adequate services for maintaining the reporting integrity of your business. Carefully managing the accounting requirements, we ensure the sustainable growth of your business.

Creative Individuals

We understand that the contribution of individuals is crucial in creative industries. We are here to take the burden of immense pressure related to accounts management to make you feel alive and perform at your best.

Frequently asked questions

There are always new opportunities available, and if you have a passion for your creative business, we can help you:

  • Reach out to new markets for your new product.
  • Enhance your productivity by embracing more digital tools.
  • Acquire funds to bring your new idea to reality.
  • Review your business progress to ensure everything is running at its best.

A creative industry comprises the following:

  • Audiovisual companies
  • Designers and brand consultants
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Marketing companies
  • Software and technology development specialists
  • Video production houses
  • And many more

An expert accountant for creative sector can help you:

  • Structure your advance payments.
  • Reclaim tax if you are touring abroad.
  • Register with VAT.
  • Guide you through the tax breaks available for buying equipment.

Our accountants are expert in providing a wide range of services related to:

  • Self-assessment tax returns
  • Year-end accounts
  • Corporation tax
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll and pension
  • Tax planning
  • VAT return
  • R&D tax claim
  • Film tax relief
  • Tax investigation
  • SEIS and EIS

Why Start Your Journey with Jungle Tax?

As dedicated accountants for the creative sector, we provide business assistance to individuals and companies. We are not just the accountants but business supporters for you, helping you grow and succeed. We have honed an approach that ensures creativity, flexibility, and innovation to provide the accounting security you can rely on.

Tell us your business vision and leave the rest to us.