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Film Tax Relief

Boosting your film production company demands benefitting from each available opportunity. And getting film tax incentives from the UK government is one of the smart ways to maximise your profits in the film industry.

Nevertheless, filing applications for film tax relief in London is a technical task that professionals must handle for a hassle-free process and to enhance the probability of success.

When it comes to looking for experienced professional accountants to proceed with your film tax relief matters, Jungle Tax is a trusted platform.

Having years of industry experience, we know the innovative approaches to win your cases and increase your assets by minimising tax liabilities. Connect with our experts and boost your profits.

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    Maximise your Benefits

    Availing of the services of accountants can be of significant value for your financial wellness:

    Deals with Your Film Tax Matters Correctly: Filing, pursuing and winning tax matters involves numerous intricacies that professionals know. Via careful planning and proceedings, our accountants can help you resolve all these matters and win your case.

    Help You Qualify for Film Tax Incentives: Qualifying for a film tax relief in London demands meeting certain prerequisites. Our accountants help you structure your production project as per those criteria to get an incentive.

    Save Your Quality Time: Our accountants can handle time-consuming matters of film tax filing, saving you quality hours that you can utilise to work on important matters.

    Compliance with the Tax Regulations: Being industry experts, our film tax accountants keep an eye on any small changes in film tax regulations in the UK and help you adapt as per those rules. This maximises your chances of getting a film tax incentive and saves you from any penalty.

    Stay Vigilant About the Deadline: Engaging film tax accountants keeps you vigilant about the incoming tax season, helping file your application before the deadline to benefit from the offer.

    Film Tax Relief in London
    Film Tax Relief in London

    Assistance in the Application Process

    Our accountants can duly assist you at every step of tax incentive applications:

    1. They help you in fulfilling the eligibility criteria for a successful proceeding.
    2. They assist you in completing the registration form on the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website with all details entered correctly.
    3. They enable you to compile all the necessary documents like budget, script, proof of cultural content and shooting schedule.
    4. They assist you in completing a detailed production schedule with supporting evidence of production activities.
    5. They calculate all costs and ensure they follow the HMRC guidelines.
    6. Finally, accountants submit a claim for film tax relief in London before the end of one year of the accounting period of your film production.

    Collaboration for Documentation

    Our accountants can assist you in compiling all your documents correctly so that the whole proceeding is smooth.

    • Helping you collect proof that your film represents the UK culture.
    • Keeping your production expenditure figures accurate to avoid any mess.
    • Helping maintain comprehensive shooting and post-production schedules and co-production and partnership documents.
    • Revising your contracts with all personnel in the film production.
    • Assisting you in collecting evidence of UK-based expenditure and payroll records.
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    Prior to production, it’s important to proceed with your film within the eligibility criteria:

    • The film must be certified by the British Film Institute.
    • It must be produced for a theatrical release.
    • A minimum of 10% of the cost must relate to the UK-based activities.
    • The production company must be responsible for:
      • post-production
      • pre-production
      • principal photography
      • delivery of the complete film
      • planning and decision-making
      • negotiating, contracting and paying for rights, services and goods.

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