Accountants in Slough

Accounting services help you in tax preparation, counselling, and keeping track of your spending and earnings. These services also assist in preserving accurate financial records via efficient record-keeping systems.

Engaging a professional accountant is vital to keep accurate financial records and gain competent tax advice. In this way, you can also ensure compliance with legal rules and regulations related to business.

Jungle Tax streamlines your accounting and tax procedures, helping you save money and time with its professional accounting services in Slough. Taking enough time to comprehend your financial situation, we create a customised plan to fulfil your unique requirements.

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    Our Services

    Self-Assessment Tax Returns

    Our professional accountants in Slough can simplify the complex tax return task for you. We also keep you informed about crucial deadlines and obligations.

    Year-End Accounts

    Submission of year-end accounts is a legal requirement for limited companies, and we help you in this process, offering a comprehensive understanding of your business.

    Corporation Tax

    Our accountancy services in Slough help you stay informed about the payment of corporation tax based on your company’s profits. All limited companies based in the UK are liable to pay this tax.


    We offer customised, detailed, and precise bookkeeping services based on your requirements.

    Payroll and Pension

    You need not worry about payroll management when Jungle Tax is here for you. We can also assist you in developing the pension scheme for your company.

    Accountants in Slough
    Accountants in Slough

    Tax Planning

    We evaluate your financial condition, suggest tax-efficient strategies, and ensure legal regulations compliance. This way, we assist you in tax planning, leading to potential tax savings.

    VAT Return

    Whether you are starting a new business or have been running a business for many years, contact us to fulfil your VAT obligations.

    R&D Tax Claim

    Our specialists have vast experience and have helped various clients facilitate their R&D (Research and Development) claims. We will analyse if your company fulfils the R&D tax relief criteria and suggest appropriate strategies.

    Film Tax Relief

    We can assist with Film and TV tax rebates if you are a film or television programs’ production company in the UK. It is a government incentive program which can give you tax relief.

    SEIS and EIS

    If you are a small business startup, we are here to help you attract investors with EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme). It will help you transform your entrepreneurial ambitions into reality.

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    We are an accountancy firm in Slough, providing unique and high-quality services that set us apart from our competitors. We undertake a tailored approach to fulfil your needs and requirements. We offer:

    • 24/7 Availability
    • Personalised Services
    • Technology-driven Solutions
    • Tax Savings
    • Transparency

    Contact us to take your business to new heights.


    Our accountants work with Xero, offering an innovative software solution to our clients. We make sure to provide attentive and knowledgeable services to our customers.

    Our experts thoroughly understand the tax laws and regulations, advising you on reducing your tax burden. Moreover, we are highly committed to providing transparency in pricing and services.

    Get in touch with us to get our fast and efficient services to empower your financial journey like never before.

    Running a business is a complex task, and expert accountants can provide you with the right solution, assisting with several accounting-related tasks. They use online accounting software to ensure sales and expense data flows straight into your accounts.

    The accountants usually charge £25 to £35 per hour for basic accounting services. However, they charge £125 to £150 for more specialist services, such as business planning advice, tax planning, etc.