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We aim to simplify tax and accounting for our clients by providing expert accounting services in Merton. Trusted, respected and highly experienced, our devoted accountants provide specialised guidance, building strategies to resolve complex taxation issues.

We are making a way to innovation by creating an ecosystem for businesses to grow and prosper through extraordinary services, revolutionary methods, and the latest tools. Connect with our accountants to ensure smooth business operations and exponential growth of your business.

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    Benefits of Hiring Accountant Services

    There are numerous benefits of hiring accounting services:

    • Saves Time: Running a business is time-consuming, and looking at financials is massive. An expert accountant oversees your finances smoothly and effectively.
    • Saves Money: Investing in an accountant can pay off through savings and improvements in financial efficiency in the long term compared to the initial cost.
    • Maximises Tax Benefits: A certified public accountant can maximise tax benefits, claim deductions and keep you updated on tax laws for potential saving opportunities.
    • In-House Experts: A good accountant can be a valuable team member, offering rare insights and accurate projections as your business grows.
    • Provides Security: Hiring an accountant provides security through expertise in data privacy laws and specialised accounting software.
    • Guides to Financial Planning and Budgeting: An accountant supports financial planning and management and helps in wise decision-making and efficient money tracking.
    • Helps in Achieving Long-Term Goals: An accountant supports future planning for budgeting, taxes, debt, retirement and more, ensuring your long-term financial goals are met.
    • Eliminates Financial Risks: Business owners need expert advice on key financial risks: debt vs. equity financing, debt management, interest rates, currency risks, and wise investments. A solid financial strategy is, therefore, essential for success.
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    Our Services

    Self-Assessment Tax Returns

    With UK having one of the lengthiest tax codes globally, preparing even a basic tax return can be complex. Taxpayers must stay informed about various deadlines and obligations, a job efficiently handled by our professional accountants.

    Year-End Accounts

    For limited companies, meeting the obligation of submitting year-end accounts is essential, as these accounts provide valuable insights into your business. Our experts provide vital year-end accounting services, ensuring precise and up-to-date records.


    Jungle Tax provides customised and accurate bookkeeping services to align with your needs, essentially recording and organising your financial data.

    Payroll and Pension

    Our accountancy firm in Merton proficiently manages your payroll and can help set up your pension scheme.

    VAT Returns

    We assist in meeting your VAT requirements, whether you are a new business or have been running one for some time.

    R&D Tax Claim

    We facilitate R&D claims and have helped numerous clients in this matter.


    Collaborating with Xero, we provide clients with an innovative software solution that essentially complements our accountants’ expert services.

    SEIS and EIS

    If you are in need of finance for a new business, The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) can help attract investors and turn your entrepreneurial goal into reality.

    Tax Investigation

    You must be aware that HM Revenue and Customs can run an investigation into your business with no solid ground. This means anyone can face a tax inquiry. We are available for services like tax investigation.

    Corporation Tax

    Every limited company based in the UK is responsible for paying corporation tax on their profits. Additionally, limited companies not situated in the UK might also have a responsibility to pay corporation tax. Jungle Tax helps you in this regard.

    Tax Planning

    We carefully evaluate your financial situation, providing tax-efficient strategies and ensuring you duly align with tax laws and regulations.

    Film Tax Relief

    The film and TV tax rebate is a government initiative offering tax relief to production companies engaged in creating films or television programs. Our accountants can help you with documentation and handle all the matters accurately.

    Jungle Tax – Top Accountants and Tax Advisors

    If your life is centred around creativity, whether it’s film, art or the culinary arts, you have found the ideal partner. Enter our realm of professional accounting services in Merton. We house a dedicated team of chartered accountants, skilled tax advisors and insightful consultants who serve the vibrant worlds of creativity, health and real estate.

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    Who do we serve?

    • Startups
    • Established businesses
    • Individuals

    Optimise your wealth, minimise your tax burden – let our expert accountants in Merton guide your financial prosperity!


    Accounting services include a spectrum of tasks, ranging from internal functions such as transaction entry, account settling and financial statement preparation to tasks like tax return preparation and conducting audits.

    By recommending process enhancements, managing financial and tax responsibilities and introducing efficient solutions for time and cost savings, our accountancy services in Merton help oversee various aspects of your business.

    HMRC typically mandates the retention of accounting records for six years following the last financial year relevant to the company.