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In Numerical Strength, We Are The Storytellers & Financial Guardians Of The Creative Industry!

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise as the creative sector accountants in serving a multicultural portfolio gives your artistic dream a robust financial base on which to stand.  We offer specialized services for solo artists, design studios, and emerging creative enterprises in Andover who want their creativity to reign while they concentrate on the business aspect, which leads to continued advancement.

Look How We Make You Fall In Love With Us

Business success

We satisfy report requirements and actively strive to improve your business.

Fueling your ambitions

Our flexible support meets your project's needs, whether it is a carefully planned venture or a sudden challenge.

Support team

We provide expertise, guidance, contacts, and heartfelt support that "have your back" every step of the way.


Specialist knowledge and wisdom on our part make it possible for us to place you among the creatives and keep you adequately informed.

Yeah, For Creative, we starts with C & ends on E


Accounting services that make your dream advertising reality – we combine creativity and commerce.


Solid financial foundations are as strong as your architectural masterpieces and every blueprint paving the way to success.

Art and Antiques Market

The smart money to be made on every masterpiece in the complex and sophisticated domain of art and antiques.


Make your business strategy unique as your handmade creation and interlace it with business success.


Creative financial solutions are unique and contemporary to your design proposals.

Designer Fashion

Customizing financial sophistication to blend with your designer clothes elegance.

Film and Video

Tell a perfect financial story about your screen, and ensure your film and video productions are successful even off-screen.

Interactive Leisure Software

Playing to win in the interactive leisure software field – where innovation pays.


Writing symphonies of financial stability for the music industry, orchestrating assets and creativity.

Performing Arts

The financial success of the performing arts industry puts your talent under the spotlight with solid financial support.


The smart money to be made on every masterpiece in the complex and sophisticated domain of art and antiques.

Software and Computer Games

Coding for riches: programming financial success for software and computer game innovators.

Television and Radio

Television and Radio, tuning your financial strategy for high ratings and revenues. Broadcasting financial wisdom.

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Accounting Brilliance

One size doesn't fit all, especially in the creative industry. Our services are as diverse and bespoke as your creative projects.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Focus on your art, and let us handle the numbers. From tax management to financial planning, we ensure your finances are as creative and efficient as you are.

Expert Team with a Creative Heartbeat

Our professionals are not just accountants of creative sector but enthusiasts of the arts, understanding your unique needs and dreams.

Love Letters From Our Clients

Jungle Tax wishes you a happy year-end of accounting excellence from Andover this holiday season.

Our cautious and thorough approach as the accountants of creative sector of Andover to managing daily books of account ensures precise information from preparation to submission to essential institutions.

What is different from other Year-End Accounting services we provide?

Comprehensive Reporting

This shall entail providing detailed spreadsheets with correct calculations, P & L accounts, and Balance sheets.

Self-Employed Support

This entails HMRC registration as self-employed persons and seamless submission of HMRC accounts by our tax returns.

Companies House Compliance:

Nevertheless, this commitment involves lodging the returns with HMRC after preparing and dispatching partnership tax returns to Companies House.

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