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Welcome to Jungle Tax, Accountants for the creative industries, where creativity meets financial acumen. Based in the heart of London, we specialize in providing tailored tax and accounting solutions for the vibrant creative sector. Whether you're an artist, musician, designer, or a part of a creative agency, our team understands your unique financial landscape.

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As a creative practitioner, we recognize that your primary concern should be creating art, not figuring out complex tax regulations. For this reason, our team of devoted professionals is committed to accurately and carefully handling all your tax needs.

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CCA (Capital Cost Allowance) Canvas

Your artistic equipment is a masterpiece on the CCA canvas. We'll navigate the depreciation landscape, ensuring your creative tools retain financial value.

IP (Intellectual Property) Portfolio

Your creative legacy is etched in the Intellectual Property portfolio. We'll safeguard your ideas, trademarks, and artistic innovations with financial finesse.

VAT (Visual Arts Taxation) Framework

Navigating the complex jungle of VAT, we craft a financial framework specifically designed for the visual arts. Let's ensure your creations are tax-savvy and financially vibrant.

R&D (Revenue & Design) Credits

In pursuing creative excellence, we uncover R&D credits for your revenue-generating designs. Let's turn your artistic innovations into financial advantages.

FEC (Film & Entertainment Credits)

Lights, camera, financial action! We'll explore FEC opportunities to maximize credits for your film and entertainment projects.

ATC (Artistic Tax Credits)

Your artistry deserves recognition in the tax world. Enter the realm of Artistic Tax Credits, where we ensure your creative ventures are financially applauded.

CPI (Creative Performance Index)

Measuring the financial performance of your creative ventures, the CPI reflects the monetary brilliance of your artistic pursuits. Let's elevate your CPI to new heights!

ROI (Return on Imagination) Metrics:

Beyond traditional ROI, we delve into the unique metrics of your creative investments. Let's quantify the return on your imagination and ensure it's financially stellar.

What is different from other Year-End Accounting services we provide?

Entire Tax Preparation and Submission

We handle your tax matters holistically, considering all facets of your income and outlays. This entails figuring out whether particular tax breaks and exemptions—like those about intellectual property—are available to creative professionals and ensuring your tax returns are correct and set up to reduce your liability. Whether you manage a small studio, work as a freelancer, or are employed by a more prominent creative agency, we customize our strategy to meet your needs.

Analysis and Preparation of Financial Statements

The expansion and longevity of your creative practice depend on your ability to comprehend your financial performance. We create comprehensive financial statements that give you a clear understanding of your financial situation, including balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. You may make wise decisions regarding investments, business expansions, and other big financial decisions by using our analysis to spot trends and efficiently manage cash flow.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Maintaining precise and current records of every transaction is essential for compliance and determining your company's financial direction. Our accounting and bookkeeping services are intended to relieve you of the daily responsibilities of managing your finances. We take care of payroll processing, cost monitoring, invoicing, and other tasks so you can concentrate on your creative projects rather than the statistics.

Compliance with VAT and HMRC

It can be challenging to navigate the complexities of Value Added Tax, or VAT, and to comply with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) laws. We make sure you're registered for the appropriate kind of VAT, assist with timely and accurate VAT returns, and provide guidance on any tax-related matters or HMRC queries. Our aim is to maximize any tax advantages or programs accessible to creative professions while maintaining your complete compliance.

Financial Guidance and Development Strategy

In addition to handling your present financial matters, we offer strategic counsel to assist in expanding and advancing your artistic enterprise. This entails creating a budget, projecting future earnings and outlays, assessing financial possibilities and risks, and offering advice on financial choices like funding, investments, and revenue stream diversification. Our goal is to collaborate with you to achieve creative achievement so that you can establish a stable and prosperous business.

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Tailored Tax Solutions

Your needs and imagination are distinct from one another. We provide personalized tax planning and guidance to ensure you take advantage of all available tax breaks and incentives.

Proactive Financial Advice

We're available to provide continuous financial guidance to support the growth and success of your creative business, even outside of tax season.

Time-saving Convenience

Let us handle the intricate tax filing, bookkeeping, and compliance while you concentrate on your passion.

Industry Knowledge

We've worked with creative workers for years, so we know the subtleties of your financial potential and constraints.

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