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Accounting Services in London

Dealing with tax planning, year-end accounts, bookkeeping, VAT returns, corporation tax, and other accounting tasks is incredibly daunting. It involves the chances of costly errors, leading to long-term damage. Therefore, hiring accounting professionals is recommended to make the process a breeze.

At Jungle Tax, we have a team of professional accountants offering expert accountancy services in London, elaborating and guiding you through every financial aspect of your business. Overcome the ebbs and flows of your business with expert advice from our specialists.

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    Benefits of Accounting Services

    Our professional accounting services in London can benefit you in the following ways:

    Streamline Savings: Using our accounting services allows you to retool your firm and eliminate excessive expenses that may be impeding your success.

    Access Critical Data: Our accountants in London can help your company obtain insights and establish new plans depending on its financial status.

    Ensure Tax Compliance: An accounting services team of Jungle Tax can provide you with compliance assurance for various purposes, such as specialised industry standards, tax regulations, and so on.

    Professional Insights: Every small to medium-sized business in the United Kingdom can benefit from our experienced accountants’ insights aiming to improve business operations.

    Let You Stay Focused: Our accounting services ensure that you and your employees can focus on their most important duties rather than stressing over accounting and financial responsibilities.

    Reduce Errors: We help you reduce overall errors linked to your company’s finances, such as data entry and complex math, among others.

    Accountants in London

    Accounting Services We Provide

    We provide the following accounting services in London:

    Self-Assessment Tax Returns:

    With the UK being one of the world’s longest tax codes, preparing even the most basic tax returns can be highly challenging. There are numerous deadlines and requirements that taxpayers must meet, which we take the ultimate care of.

    Film Tax Relief:

    We assist with film tax rebate, a government incentive programme that provides tax relief to production businesses working in the UK to create films or television programmes.

    Tax Investigation:

    Did you know that Customs and HM Revenue can launch an investigation into your personal activities or business for no apparent reason? This means that anyone could face a tax investigation. We provide services such as tax enquiry.


    Jungle Tax offers tailored and precise bookkeeping services to meet your requirements. Our services encompass all the needs of a competent bookkeeper.

    Payroll and Pension:

    We handle payroll and can assist you in setting up a pension plan.

    Corporation Tax:

    Every company in the United Kingdom is obliged to pay corporation tax on its profits. Limited corporations outside the United Kingdom may also be obligated to pay this tax. As accounting experts, we ensure your documents are current, and pick up on any elements hindering profitability or growth.

    Year-End Accounts:

    Small corporations must meet the responsibility of submitting year-end accounts. We oversee the directors’ report, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and explanatory notes.

    Tax Planning:

    We can assist you with tax planning by assessing your financial status, offering tax-efficient options, and ensuring you are in compliance with tax regulations and laws. This can result in tax savings.


    In collaboration with Xero, a Merton accounting business, we provide clients with a novel software solution that complements our accountants’ attentive and professional services.

    VAT Return:

    Whether you have started your business or have been in operation for a long time, Jungle Tax will assist you with meeting your VAT obligations.

    R&D Tax Claim:

    We specialise in facilitating R&D tax claims and have helped a large number of clients.

    EIS and SEIS:

    The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) can assist you in attracting investors and realising your business dreams.

    Let Us Manage Your Finances

    Whether you’re a landlord or running a startup, a partnership, or a small business, Jungle Tax is the leading accountancy firm in London to manage your finances efficiently.


    Hiring an accountant will help you manage many aspects of your business by addressing tax and financial requirements, recommending process changes, and exposing you to solutions that can help you save money and time.

    An accountant who provides basic accounting services will typically charge between £25-£35 per hour. While more specialised services, such as business planning and tax planning guidance, might cost between £125-£150 per hour.

    Those who own rental properties and businesses will find that the cost of engaging an accountant is well worth the potential tax savings and peace of mind.